Start Your vijaya bank career with Specialist officer posts

Specialist officers are named according to their credentials and experience in various departments of the banks. 

In the case of a PO, the initial classification is the same as this, i.e. the junior-most post is a Junior Management Grade Scale-1 and the highest is Senior Management Grade Scale-4. 

The numerous professional officers which are usually named in banks are:

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Seeing that agriculture is one of India’s primary sectors, with a majority of the population relying on it for their livelihood.

 It is obvious that funding the needs of people associated with agriculture is one of the country’s major responsibilities for banks and other financial institutions. 

Agriculture Officer in Vijaya Bank Career is big work profile today.

Eligibility Criteria:

A 4 year degree (graduation) in Agriculture / Horticulture / Animal Husbandry/ Veterinary Science / Agri is the basic eligibility requirement for a Scale 1 Agriculture Officer. 

Engineering / Fishing / Agri. Marketing & Working together. The age limit is 20 years and a maximum of 35 years.


An Agriculture Officer’s core function is to encourage agricultural-related loans in rural areas. These officers are required to establish and maintain good relationships with people affiliated with agriculture, such as farmers, landowners, etc., to inform them about the various accessible credit options and to provide them with financial support through appropriate loans. 

Not only lending but timely recovery and maintaining happy customers are also the agriculture officer’s main responsibilities.

 Agriculture officers usually have an advantage over other specialists because they get thrown early into the banking lending dimension.

How to get there:

Like the PO examination, IBPS, SBI and private banks also perform exams for specialist officers which can be appeared for by someone who fulfills the eligibility requirements.

Average Salary:

If you land an Agriculture Officer job at a Vijaya Bank Career, you can expect an amount of Rs. 25500-45000 in a month, including Basic, DA, HRA etc.


Nearly every place of work in the world is now powered by machines. The abolition of technology in any area is unlikely, and banks are no exception. 

The role of IT professionals in banks has become even more relevant with services such as online banking and mobile banking coming into play.

Eligibility Criteria:

A 4 year degree in computer science/ information technology / electronics / computer systems OR 1. Postgraduate degree in Electronics & Communication / Computer Science / Information Technology / Computer Applications.

 In addition to the educational requirements mentioned above, the applicants must be over 20 and under 35 years of age.


IT officers in Vijaya Bank Career has main role is to take care of the software systems and applications on which a significant number of regular transactions depend and their records. 

It is expected that they will look into the maintenance and performance of both hardware and database management systems. 

All turns to them, in case of any technological failure.

How to get there:

In addition to IBPS exams and other private bank tests, some banks can also hire candidates from engineering colleges for the position of IT officers or select them through walk-in interviews.

Average Salary:

A JMG Scale 1 IT Officer should expect a 24,000-32,000/- in-house salary. One can foresee an annual rise of Rs. 700 in the basic salary.


Organizations have to deal with some legal issues every once in a while and such legal issues can only be dealt with by professionals who have complete knowledge of the law and are able to deal with any problem that comes in the way of the organization. 

Law officers are appointed to care for the same in banks.

Eligibility Criteria:

In order to be named as a law officer at the bank, one should have a bachelor’s degree in law, i.e., LLB or a postgraduate degree in law, i.e., LLM, and be enrolled with the Indian Bar Council. 

The nominee will not be under the age of 20, or over 35.


A Vijaya Bank Career law officer expected to handle all legal issues including interpretation of legal statutes.

 The work includes applying for permits, as well as any other papers. Any matter relating to appearing in court, filing a suit or taking care of any claim brought against the bank, falls within the Law Officer’s sphere of work.

How to get there:

IBPS Law Officer Review consists of several sections, some of which are identical to those of PO Review.

 A specific section is that related to information of law, i.e., it consists of questions from all parts of law that can apply to laws such as Contract Act, DRT, Foreign Exchange, etc. 

Private-bank tests also have very similar modules.

Average Salary:

A JMG Scale 1 legal officer should expect an in-hand salary of about Rs. 24000-32000 in the public sector and somewhat higher for private banks.


Rajbhasha Adhikari is entrusted with the translation into Hindi of official documents written in English, which is India’s Rajbhasha.

Eligibility Criteria:

An necessary prerequisite is a minimum second class postgraduate degree in Hindi with English as subject level OR a postgraduate degree in Sanskrit with English as subject. 

Similarly, for a work involving translation from English into some other Indian / Foreign language, the specific language should be a part of the postgraduate curriculum.


A Rajbhasha Adhikari’s basic function is traduction of official documents. This conversion may be from English to Hindi/ into any other language or round the other direction.

 People who don’t know English cannot understand a variety of documents relating to accounts or any other essential details. 

So these documents need to be translated into all possible local languages.

How to get there:

IBPS conducts Rajbhasha Adhikari post exams which contain language-based questions, general knowledge, reasoning etc.

Average Salary:

A Rajbhasha Adhikari can expect a basic pay similar to that of other Rs. 24000-32000 specialist officers plus incentives.


Foreign exchange markets enable companies and individuals to convert one currency to another by currency exchange rate. 

Foreign exchange consultants help clients understand and capitalize on foreign currency markets by giving their clients information about exchange rates and global market insights. Its work includes:

• Laws and regulations emerging in a user friendly format.

• Help to promote trouble-free transactions across frontier.

• To make customer service effective and secure.

Candidates with a degree in Commerce / Business / Economics are preferred as a comprehensive knowledge of Foreign Exchange is very necessary for efficient functioning and provision of services.


Chartered Accountants are required for the important tasks of auditing, taxation, financial reporting, accounting, and other accounts and related work related to finance in every firm.

 Banks need them to do the same too. 

Among the above services, chartered accountants are also required for tax and treasury advice, working with internal and external auditors, investigating financial irregularities. Their job is about optimizing profits.

Needless to mention, this job is open only to a Chartered Accountant registered with ICAI. Banks can recruit them through walk-ins or exams, depending on the policy of the Bank.


Credit or Loan officers are the individuals who authorize individual or institutional loans. 

The Loan Officer obtains a background check, the borrower’s ability to repay and various other details needed for loan approval.

They also periodically check and update all the credit and loan files.

It gives priority to students in the fields of business, economics or finance or specialization in the same. 

Banks hold tests from time to time to fill vacancies in these positions.

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