Rajiv Gandhi Career Portal Offer Guidance To Students

Rajiv Gandhi Career Portal

Rajiv Gandhi’s career portal is launched by the Rajasthan government in February 2019.

It is the first carrier guidance portal for the student from standard 9th to 12 class.

With the help of this portal, you can get various vocational courses and information on a professional career. This plays a vital role in your life.

The covid-19 pandemic disease has created a crisis in the education sector.

Those are a lot of students who worried about their future. But Rajiv Gandhi career portal is one of the first online platforms launches YouTube channel.

In this channel, it renders the live video sessions for students from 9th to 12th standard onward from 10th April.

In this way, they are helping the coming youth in the education sector for a bright future during the lockdown situation

Rajiv Gandhi Career portal offer Education on different zones,

Career Information: If you are excited about your occupation and Looking for opportunities in information technology, business management, mass communication, hospitality, and Art and design then you can visit the online portal to get information that would help to grow in your carrier.

A good step toward the right direction is everything: Rajiv Portal offers well career opportunity for the fresher who are in the initial stage of career.

Vocational Career: If you are looking for a carrier in Electronic and hardware, Animation and Graphics, Jeweler, Banking Sector, and Health and support. You can visit the online Rajiv Gandhi portal today and get information related to the query.

Information based on Collages: After completion of school education they can get information in which they want to get higher education.

In this portal have available a lot of information based on different country likes united state, Australia, UAE, Canada; you can select the 3-year degree program and 6-month course according to your choice.

Admission Test Information: While you are searching for entrance exam information. You can choose Rajiv Gandhi career portal as exam associated information.

Here you can get various exam entrance information like GATE, M.Tech, MBA, BSC, Banking and Finance.

At this Platform, you will also get exam general information, Application fees, Available Seats and Application Procedure

How to utilize job Portal: Rajasthan Government make online portal with the help of UNICEF rajcarrerportal.com.

At this portal from standard 9th to 12th class different course and exam details available to make a better career of students.

All students also take participate on YouTube channels live series to learn the latest techniques. The teacher also get details on how they give guidance to students. With this portal, you will get around 546 types of career courses. 

How to Register the Online Portal: If any student wants to register online on the Rajiv Gandhi career portal, then the student should list his unique Id with school identity this way they will get unique id with student name.

This way you can login as a carrier and include all information collage, vocational courses.

You will get inevitable information based on the course. If you don’t know the exact Identity id then you can log in with school information.

The Programmer Work as Career Information:

Every student get training to make career successful

While getting information based on course it will helpful and practical

Eligibility Criteria

Qualified from reputed university and education system

Age should be according to qualified the exam

Skill Requirements:

  • Oral, written, interpersonal skills
  • Should be able to take up sales projects
  • He /She should be well organized and analytical
  • Proficient with the use of computers and software’s 

Rajiv Gandhi Career Portal always tries to offer the best education to the students for a better career especially for the fresher and who are willing to get jobs in different fields.

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