Microsoft Certification: MCITP Tech Support for Your Business

microsoft certified technology specialists

Microsoft certification areas shake out, job and career-wise Microsoft Data certifications cover a lot of ground. Database design, creation, and maintenance are particularly basic to organizations today, considering that data storage is critical to most business computing, and about each site is supported by one or more databases running in the background. A database manager … Read more

Start Your vijaya bank career with Specialist officer posts

vijaya bank career

Specialist officers are named according to their credentials and experience in various departments of the banks.  In the case of a PO, the initial classification is the same as this, i.e. the junior-most post is a Junior Management Grade Scale-1 and the highest is Senior Management Grade Scale-4.  The numerous professional officers which are usually … Read more

Make a golden career in Banking sector in 2020

golden career

India is one of the world’s fastest growing economies, with its banking and finance industries among the top sectors.  The country’s banking sector is currently estimated at 81 trillion rs and you have golden career option. In India, there are 27 Public Sector Banks (19 Nationalized Banks, 6 State Bank Companies, as well as IDBI … Read more

“Insane” Market for Oil traders for Decline to Negative Prices


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the oil market seems to be facing unfamiliar territory for drop-off in demand. This has been combined together with quickly filling storage, sent prices constantly plunging into negative territory for the first time in history. With guesswork regarding when stay-at-home orders might be lifted and when crude demand might increase, … Read more



Endless possibilities As a cement mortar division of Cementbouw, we are independent. The big advantage of this is that we can determine the type of binder and other raw materials for concrete ourselves. From the beginning, we therefore influence the required quality that connects you to the end result. It makes us flexible and we … Read more