Endless possibilities

As a cement mortar division of Cementbouw, we are independent.

The big advantage of this is that we can determine the type of binder and other raw materials for concrete ourselves.

From the beginning, we therefore influence the required quality that connects you to the end result.

It makes us flexible and we also keep the entire process, including logistics, manageable. And that is an extra advantage for our clients.

The composition of our concrete mortar can vary endlessly; depending on factors such as construction time, application and / or weather conditions.

How do we guarantee the high construction quality?

How does the customer make maximum use of the freedom of form for concrete mortar and what should or can the processing speed be? All questions are all addressed.

We are happy to help you make the right choice of raw material, corresponding to the technical requirements for the concrete.

Think of a mixture composition that provides high energy savings. Or a mixture with a specific finishing level. Countless possibilities.

Product development and sustainability

In addition, additional sustainability requirements are playing an increasingly important role. We can also help you with that.

For example, we supply RAMAC: a road surfacing product with an extremely low CO2 footprint.

Our concrete technologists and work supervisors like to think along with our clients.

From the initial stage to the actual performance. Concrete technology advice.

In all those years our knowledge has only grown. It is not for nothing that we are ‘Persistent by nature’.

Through such advice we can jointly realize the process and quality improvements. Save time and reduce costs.

Cementbouw Betonmortel has a well-trained team of specialists. I

n the laboratory, we work every day on product development and optimal solutions. We always look for the most suitable solution for the customer.

The properties of concrete are already very much in line with sustainable performance requirements.

Long service life, soundproofing properties and thermal qualities.

Cementbouw is certified with the CSC quality mark and has both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification.

Efficient, fast and correct

Our division supplies within various application areas.

We are an experienced partner within the broad infrastructure sector, but also for residential and non-residential construction.

We also work specifically in the field of foundations, floors and for applications in the agricultural sector.

Good logistics are extremely important for delivery within all these application areas.

It has to be efficient, it has to be done quickly and always in a correct manner.

Because our concrete plants are well distributed, concrete mixers are never on the road longer than necessary.

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